Amorphous Core Transformers

KOTSONS has set up state of the art amorphous metal core transformer manufacturing facility by importing the latest amorphous metal cores manufacturing equipment. This plant has the latest equipment in India to produce energy efficient amorphous metal transformer cores that are annealed under absolute inert atmosphere to get at most lower losses thereby enhancing the energy savings in comparison with the similar manufacturing facilities in India.

Amorphous metal exhibits a unique random molecular structure unlike the rigid grain structure of the silicon steel. This, in turn, enables easy magnetization & demagnetization, thereby reducing hysteresis loss. Further processing of amorphous metal in very thin lamination (approximately 1/10th of silicon steel lamination thickness) enables significant reduction in eddy current losses.

Advantages of Amorphous Metal Transformers over Transformers with CRGO Silicon Steel :
1. The thickness of Amorphous Metal is 0.025 mm against CRGO silicon sheet steel thickness 0.23-0.3 mm. Lesser in thickness in sheet results in lower eddy current loss
2. Random molecular structure of amorphous metal causes less friction than CRGO when a magnetic field is applied. This allows easy magnetization and demagnetization significantly lowers hysteresis losses, thus amorphous core significantly reduces core losses which is about 65-75%
3. Saves energy and therefore reduces greenhouse gases and other pollution
4. Excellent option to reduce distribution losses and improve efficiency
5. Superior electrical performance under harmonic condition. Possible to improve power quality and mitigate harmonics
6. Lower temperature rise, slower deterioration of insulations and hence longer life
7. Increase in use of power electronics has resulted in considerable amount of higher harmonics distortion in electrical power system. Higher frequency harmonics lead to increase in transformer core losses whereas amorphous alloy provides lower loss under high frequency
8. Easy for repair and replacement of coils

A comparison between typical Silicon Steel Distribution Transformers, High-Efficiency Silicon Steel Distribution Transformers & Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformers (AMDT) :

Transformer rating
3 Phase, 11 kV
Core losses with best
grade of CRGO (Watts)
Typical core loss with
Amorphous metal (Watts)
% Loss reduction /
Energy saving
25 kVA 80 28 65%
100 kVA 260 66 75%
250 kVA 520 150 71%
1000 kVA 1800 350 77%
2500 kVA 3000 750 75%
5000 kVA 5000 1200 76%

General Description
Applicable Standards : IEC / ANSI / BS / IS / SABS / CENELEC / GOST
Wide range of transformers in accordance to above standards with different combinations can be manufactured. The transformers are generally designed and manufactured to comply with the IEC publications 60076.

Single Phase: 5kVA-167 kVA, Three Phase: 10 kVA-5000 kVA,
Insulation level £ 12 kV £ 24 kV £ 36 kV

• Indoor / Outdoor installation
• Conductor: Copper or Aluminum as per customer's requirement
• Hermetically sealed type (with gas cushion / fully filled) / Conventional type
  (with Conservator)
• Color : as per customer's requirement
• Cooling : ONAN/ONAF as per customer's requirement
• Cooling arrangement : Corrugation or Pressed steel Radiators
• Maximum ambient temperature : as per customer's specification
• Top oil Temperature rise : as per customer's specification

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